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Enabling informed family planning through radio-based communication

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For millions of families, pregnancy is a matter of chance, not choice

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1 in 5 women in Africa

who are sexually active and not seeking another child are not currently using contraception. Lack of information & awareness of modern contraceptives & often misplaced concerns about side effects are frequently the reasons why.

111 million unintended pregencies


"..there’s the belief that when you take family planning pills you will not give birth forever even when you discontinue taking the drugs. "

 Respondent in Northern Nigerian, Pathfinder International report

Enabling couples to access modern contraceptives may be one of the most cost-effective ways to avert maternal deaths and improve lives

70,000  maternal deaths could be avoided through universal access 

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An evidence-driven & scalable solution

We develop educational radio ads and shows to enable more informed
family planning decisions, increase adoption of contraceptives, and
reduce unintended pregnancies

How we do it

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Conducted extensive listener research with over 300 listeners

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Broadcasted ads & shows on radio stations in northern Nigeria

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We've reached up to

5.6 million listeners

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