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Meet The Team

FEM’s team is ambitious and impact-driven. We are passionate about creating a world in which all women and men can make informed childbirth spacing decisions and families live happy, healthy, and self-determined lives. To achieve this vision, we combine experience in the Nigerian family planning space, global health, and entrepreneurship.

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Waithera M

Director of Operations

Waithera oversees and supports the operations processes at FEM. She works closely with current and potential funders to ensure obligations are successfully and punctually delivered. She also ensures that FEM’s processes comply with statutory regulations and best practices for an ambitious, fast-moving, and growing organisation.

Waithera is a strategic multiplier who thrives building and optimising systems that enable organisations to work more effectively. Before FEM, Waithera set up and oversaw the finance, HR, legal, and grant management functions at Siasa Place, the largest youth-serving organisation in Kenya. Some highlights of her work include the organisation’s recognition as the best grantee by ForumCiv for grant management and cost-effectively over-delivering on project milestones. Waithera has a BBS in Actuarial Science from Strathmore University and an MSc in Organisational Change and Development from the University of Manchester.

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Mu’azu Muhammad

Director of Creative Development

Mu’azu provides technical and innovative guidance to our content creation processes. He ensures our material is entertaining and builds on our qualitative research. He also decides upon specific creative directions, such as setting up the airing order of ads and shows. Besides, Mu’azu works on FEM’s organisational strategy development.

Mu’azu is an experienced leader of social and behaviour change and family planning interventions in Nigeria. Before FEM, Mu’azu managed and implemented various USAID funded projects on maternal health, family planning, nutrition, malaria and vaccination with Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication Programs and John Snow Inc. He also founded a non-profit that provides childbirth spacing services to families in rural areas of Northern Nigeria. Mu’azu is currently studying an MPA in Development Practice at Columbia University and holds a master’s in International Studies from Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto.

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Tolulope Oyekanmi

Head of Growth

Tolu manages our scaling projects. Her work includes the selection of locations where our intervention can be most cost-effective and the vetting and onboarding of local implementation partners. Tolu also provides support and training to partner organisations during the proof-of-concept and pilot stages. She ensures we build the structures necessary to jointly implement evidence-driven and context-sensitive campaigns.

As a health and empowerment enthusiast, Tolu has more than ten years of experience in implementing and advising reproductive, maternal, and child health projects. She has worked with the Clinton Health Access Initiative and the Population Services International across the northern and southern regions of Nigeria, largely on reducing maternal mortality through the uptake of family planning and other maternal health services. Tolu has obtained a BSc in Nursing and Midwifery and an MSc in International Health and Management.



Research & Process Manager

Kabiru oversees our monitoring and research processes. He works closely with radio stations to ensure that all our ads and shows are aired timely and supervises the execution of field research. He also conducts quality controls on campaign material and research data and identifies opportunities for process improvement. In addition, Kabiru supports the external engineering team in monitoring our new transmitter technology.


Kabiru is a detail-oriented system thinker with a focus on supporting disadvantaged communities in northern Nigeria. Before joining FEM, he managed field activities at New Incentives, a Give-Well recommended organisation that increases the uptake of childhood vaccines. He also supported eHealth Africa in implementing GIS information technology programmes to monitor polio immunisation campaigns. Kabiru has a BSc in Public Administration and a diploma in Mass Communication and Media Studies from the University of Abuja, Nigeria.

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Anna Christina

Co-founder & Director

Anna Christina oversees all organisational activities. She ensures that team members are supported and that FEM prioritises strategically to achieve cost-effective impact at scale. Additionally, Anna Christina manages our partnership, hiring, and fundraising processes. She is also involved in the workstreams research, campaign development, and scaling.


Anna Christina is an ambitious and impact-driven entrepreneur with a commitment to evidence-based decision-making and a passion for improving health and well-being. She first became aware of the impact misinformation has on agency and maternal health in 2016 while researching the socio-cultural barriers to family planning uptake in rural Tanzania and has dedicated her work to solving this problem since. Before starting FEM, she co-founded a health-tech startup developing VR-based phobia treatment and worked as Head of PR at a startup incubator for for-profits aiming to achieve SDGs. Anna Christina studied Industrial Economics and Technology Management a

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Lia Boldt

Head of Partnerships

Lia manages our content creation and research processes. She works closely with our implementing partners to develop evidence-driven, context-sensitive, and impactful radio campaigns. Lia also coordinates the development of a new evaluation technology, namely radio transmitters that override our ads and shows in selected regions, thereby allowing us to compare effects on control and intervention groups. 

Lia enjoys driving forward cost-effective solutions to global health challenges and is a passionate intercultural learner. Prior to FEM, Lia spent multiple years living and working in diverse cultural contexts in Cambodia, Ethiopia, Germany, and South Africa. Some highlights of her work include supporting education and health projects at UNESCO and GIZ and co-founding the nonprofit Sahakom e.V. to enhance global education. Lia holds an MSc in Developing and Evaluating Interventions from the University of Glasgow, where she specialised in family planning and women’s health.


Kenneth Scheffler

Co-Founder & Head of Strategy

Ken co-founded FEM and currently works closely with Anna Christina on strategic decision-making. His primary focus areas are impact evaluation, fundraising, partnership development, program research and development, and scaling.

Ken has extensive experience in strategy and measurement. He is a director at Innovations for Poverty Action, where he helps organisations use research-based evidence to enhance their impact. Before joining FEM, he served as a Senior Project Manager for Dalberg in Nairobi and headed monitoring and evaluation for USAID's Higher Education Solutions Network. He has an MBA and a Master in International Affairs, both from Columbia University.

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Rowan Lund

Operations Manager

Rowan leads FEM’s legal and financial operations. On the legal side, he ensures our systems comply with the governing authorities of the countries in which we operate. On the financial side, he manages our daily payroll and accounting activities and optimises FEM’s financial processes.  

Rowan enjoys optimising and implementing operational processes. Before joining FEM, he led an international dissemination project for the Bristol History Commission Report following the toppling of a statue of Edward Colston. He has also supported the operations, community engagement, and public relations of various charities, including Animals Aotearoa and Stop Ecocide. Rowan holds a BSc in Economics and Philosophy from the University of Bristol.

Our Advisory Board

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